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In 2017 we set off on a journey to spread good taste. We began creating our original, handmade bowties and have since expanded to one-of-a-kind pocket squares, self-tie bowties, and high-quality tees made with artists who have thoughtfully crafted their design. Together with Yoanis Santana, the incredible designer behind these products, our collaborators and the support of you good people – those who trust our quality, design and marketing sense – we're excited to begin celebrating our second year. Onwards and upwards dear friends!

The Perfect
Self Tie Bow Tie

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"A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life."

— Oscar Wilde, Poet


All-New Pocket Squares

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The Latest Collaborations

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We're Working with Phoenix-Based Artists

YRS New York has partnered up with Phoenix-based artists to design exclusive tees customized with their own design and inspired by their personal work. In an effort to support small, special and talented makers, we're always looking for the next collaboration in Fashion, Art and Design. Looking to collaborate?