Stand out from the crowd

Filmed in 2017 in New York City, this is the YRS New York Documentary featuring Yoanis Santana, Benny Morel and Brandon Steiner.

With humble roots growing up in the projects in New York City, YRS New York was inspired and created by Iraq Veteran Benny Morel and his talented cousin, Yoanis Santana. Benny noticed his cousin's exquisite gift for creating beautiful fashion pieces, and Yoanis' background in fabrics and fashion design yielded an excellent opportunity for them both. Made entirely by hand, the pieces of YRS New York are truly once in a lifetime works of art designed to make you stand out. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your love, your support and your dedication to watching YRS New York grow and hope you come to us to find your next perfect piece.

Benny Morel and Yoanis Santana

Benny Morel

With a diverse background ranging from the logistical to the philanthropic, Benny Morel brings a set of skills to the world that proves that serving others on the journey of life will always offers the greatest joy.

Benny’s professional history is one that encompasses success and giving back. At the age of 26, he enlisted in the US Army and launched a military career that spanned nearly a decade and included a 14-month tour in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to continue helping others, he joined the Salt River Police Department in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2004, embarking on a journey that would see him go from Police Officer to Sergeant in six years. He was actively involved in the community and volunteered with several at risk youth programs during his career. In 2013, Benny was shot in the line of duty while serving on the SWAT team. The incident earned him the Police Cross, and after nearly a decade on the police force, he retired in 2014 as a decorated officer several times over.

yoanis santana

Meet Yoanis Santana, born in the Dominican Republic and raised in south Bronx. His love for fashion and art began at a very young age where both his immigrant parents worked in factories within the garment district. Due to lack of help and resources in a new country, his parents would often take him and his younger brother and sister to work.

On the first day of his attendance as the factory doors opened, he fell in love with all the fabrics, colors and possibilities the world of fashion brought forward. Yoanis learned the importance of hard work as he watched his parents push themselves to support the family in trying times. His early exposure and upbringing allowed him be an optimistic designer with successful experience in fashion sketching, garment construction, and draping techniques. He has talent for producing visual strategies and stylings that stimulate the senses, and his exceptional presentation and problem-solving skills, along with a meticulous, detail-oriented, trained eye for color and textile selection give him a fantastic edge. He graduated from the Art Institute of New York with a degree in Fashion Design were he earned a prestigious award for the Most Marketable Fashion Collection.