Fall Fashion Bowtie Picks


Here are our Top 5 Bowties for 2018’s Fall Season

Sit back, relax, and sip a cool beverage as we close out the Summer days and head into one of our favorites: Fall style – while of course always bringing a little bit of Summer with us.


5. Philip

When you wear a “Philip” bowtie, the summer day emanates within--you can't help it! (That's what our people say at least). It's a timeless picnic-pattern, considered a daytime classic for casual wear. 


4. Richard

Ready to be swept away? The “Richard” bowtie provides waves of joy to an end-of-summer look. It features ocean colors to match the current and vividness of life. Yes, we do know how wild that can be.


3. Alexander

The “Alexander” has a scholarly style and an academia feel (those still in school, try it on your #OOTD). For the fashion-lovers, this carries well into fall, featuring bold colors that will spice up any ensemble. Pair with denim jeans for a killer 'fit.


2. Benny

Feeling nautical? Tie on a “Benny” bowtie, Captain. You'll feel like a sailor navigating the seas. It has a deep blue color and maritime stripes, and with a classic white shirt, stands out stunningly well. 


1. Clark


Top off your outfit with a Clark bowtie to look as cool as ice cream on a hot, summer day. Did you hear that Superman? Clark is the newest addition to our collection and an American Standard Accessory. Shine on. 


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From all of us at YRS New York, we hope that you have a lovely end of Summer and a beautiful beginning of Fall. We love and support you in the ways we can – with the finest handmade fashion and accessories around.

Angelica Gutierrez