Featured Artist: Mikey Mora


Mikey Mora is a Phoenix-based artist and a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast. He has been interested in art ever since his cousins, who were comic book fans, taught him how to draw “like the comics.” Mikey’s mother encouraged him to strengthen his artistry by buying him art supplies instead of toys. Thanks to the support he received from his family, Mikey developed his artistry, becoming the imaginative artist that he is today. Now, Mikey has traded in creating comic book art for creating his own unique art.

Mikey channels pure happiness through his art to the beholder. He hopes that someone who buys his art will have just as much fun owning it as he did bringing it to life. Mikey loves it when his art can put a smile on someone’s face. He felt honored when YRS New York approached him with an offer to become a custom design partner after falling in love with his collaboration with a local coffee shop. After hearing the company’s mission, Mikey couldn’t say no, thus beginning his exciting journey with YRS New York.

Mikey draws inspiration from many local artists. One of his favorite local artists is Thomas “Breeze” Marcus. Mikey admires the intricacy of Thomas’s art, which lines the walls of many places in downtown Phoenix, as well as Thomas’s humble soul. Currently, Mikey is launching his website which will include an online store where he will sell his art in clothing and accessory form. His online store will also sell original pieces. Mikey collaborated with Jobot Coffee and Melt Ice Cream recently, both located in downtown Phoenix, to create original t-shirts and stickers for both shops. When asked for his advice to young artists in the Valley, Mikey responded, “don’t stop being yourself, don’t change your style, and never stop making art.”

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Find more of Mikey’s art:

Website: mikeymora.com

Instagram: @mikey.phx

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