Featured Artist: Monica Villarreal

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Monica Villarreal is a Mexican artist, born to artists Guadalupe Garza Dikinzon and Sergio Villarreal Uribe in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. From an early age, she was surrounded by art. The art that hung on the walls of her childhood home were masterpieces created by her parents, each capturing different facets of human emotion. Their art inspired her to create her own art. Monica began to paint in 2012 when she moved from her hometown to Phoenix, Arizona.

Since 2012, Monica has painted surreal nature, including enchanting images of flying fish and hummingbirds. Through her art, she seeks to amplify consciousness of the symbiotic relationship between self and nature in others. Monica hopes her art will help others see the magical world of nature all around them. She also hopes her art will show others why they should nurture the world around them, not harm it. Monica is inspired by local Arizona artist, Frank Gonzales, who weaves an imaginative, surreal world into his paintings, sparked by his fascination for nature.

When YRS New York invited Monica to become an artist designer for the company, she jumped at the chance. She was honored to be given an amazing opportunity from YRS New York to share her artwork and ideas with the Valley community. When asked for her advice to female artists in the Valley, she replied, “keep creating every day… we can make amazing things through art, but you need to be a hard worker and keep creating no matter what…”

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