We recently shot a video in the place we grew up. Namely, the Projects of New York City.


We shot this video where we grew up because we wanted to show you where we started and how, ever drudgingly and step by step, we climbed out. You'll see Yoanis with his fabric, the streets we played on, and the contrast of where we've been and where we're going.

In an effort to rise up together, we ask that you join us in our newly founded #ownyourlife campaign. It's not for everyone, but is for people who take responsibility and refuse to defer their wants, needs and desires to anyone other than themselves. 

The choice of where you're going, who you're with and what you think about is yours completely. We hope you let that sink in. And while it's important to keep a strong mind, an ever-expanding heart, and a deeply-rooted drive to give the best you've got in this life, we'd be lying if we said it was always easy. It isn't. But that's part of it.

To those who call us a luxury brand in contrast to our humble roots--you're right. We're a luxury brand that gives back, a luxury brand that trusts in the potential of people to rise up, and a luxury brand that recognizes that while we all need a little help sometimes . . . 

your life is ultimately yours. 

We look forward to sharing our upcoming video with you, and more so to help you #ownyourlife in our big little way of creating the highest quality, truly limited-edition bowties and accessories with never more than six of any custom design ever made. You'll see more on this campaign soon. Cheers.

YRS New York